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The Secure Notary application is a system supporting the security of legal transactions with the use of the latest information technology.

The application allows access to two registers: Land Register and Register of Notary Powers of Attorney.

Security - notaries provide a very high level of security of legal transactions. However, against a variety of threats, even they are not able to prevent all attempts at disrupting security and violating the rights and interests of their clients, particularly due to the development of modern technology. The Secure Notary application allows ongoing monitoring of notarial activities and controlling the legal status of the power of attorney. Using the application, a notary submits the latest information about the notary activities performed. Due to the fact that they are updated constantly, and not after the time specified by statutory deadlines for the transmission of notarial acts to courts and cooperatives, one can immediately obtain information, whether or not another office carries out the same steps for the property or rights at the same time or at short intervals. The application also provides the ability to check the current status of the notary power of attorney, making it impossible to use a revoked or forged power of attorney.

The application is also available for mobile devices.

To use the app, simply register for free or complete the contact form available in the CONTACT section. After registration, the user selects the registers they would be using while concluding appropriate agreements.


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